Dan Civa    *   metal-scrap period 1979-1985

Up to late seventies, Dan Civa painted fantasy figure motifs in glowing colours influenced  from travelling in 
countries in the Far East,  in Africa and in Southern Europe.  He arranged solo exhibitions and sold all

In 1979 Dan Civa was accepted by the respected Hanging Committee Autumn Exhibition for Pictorial Artists 
in Copenhagen with paintings of metal scrap in newrealistic style.  He continued with this style for 5 years 
and changed motifs into realistic/expressive reflections from tropical countries

Some of the newrealistic motifs of metal scrap, from the period 1979-1985, are displayed in this page

Civa is a painter of realistic/expressive style and technique in wide-ranging, extensive subjects

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metal-17.jpg metal-18.jpg metal-19.jpg metal-20.jpg metal-21.jpg metal-22.jpg metal-23.jpg  metal24

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